Jim McKeever has been a full time composer, music library owner, and mixer in television, streaming series, and film for the past 19 years. McKeever has scored original themes and background music for many reality television shows including Scare Tactics (SyFy), 3 time Emmy Award winning Starting Over (NBC), Howie Do It (NBC), and Spy TV (NBC). Jim has scored multiple feature films including What Happened In Vegas, Dead Heist, Something Like A Business, and Down The PCH. He is also an accomplished songwriter and producer in a wide range of genres including the band Glory Fist.

McKeever was born and raised in Orange County, California. Jim McKeever started his music career at age 10 studying classical, blues, and jazz piano composition. In high school he mastered the bass guitar playing in various punk and rock bands.

McKeever moved to Hollywood in 1996 and landed a job in the Film Music department at the newly formed company DreamWorks SKG as the music coordinator working under Hans Zimmer. This is where he learned the business and more importantly the art of music in film and television working on future classics as American Beauty, Shrek, Prince Of Egypt, and Saving Private Ryan.

McKeever left DreamWorks after securing a lucrative songwriting/publishing deal with BMG and co-founded the record label: SINGLE MALT RECORDS. For 2 years, he wrote songs, engineered and produced records for Bishop Lamont, Kingdom Of Wax, and various other hip hop artists.

In 2000, Jim started his company FLYING MATTRESS MUSIC, a full service post audio boutique that includes composing for television and film, a music library containing over 40 hours of great production music, custom tracks, and recording/mixing/editing for VO, shows, films, and recording artists. Whether you want to hire him for original music, show mixing, or license some tunes, he is fun to work with and will deliver only the highest quality in sound.